Cakes & Gateaux

A moist fudge cake laced with liqueur, filled with a layer of coffee cream coated with a dark ganache and toasted almonds.

Our famed rich, moist and dense chocolate cake enrobed in chocolate ganache. Perfect for the serious chocolate connoisseur.

Coffee flavoured tiramisu cream between layers of chocolate and coffee sponge, finished with chocolate shavings and cocoa.

A moist carrot cake with a hint of pineapple, covered with a smooth cream cheese icing, decorated in dried fruits and nuts.

A soft textured & moist gluten free cake containing oranges & almonds, topped with butter icing and toasted almonds.

An age old English favourite. Moist and lightly spiced, with a generous amount of dates.

Layers of cream and cherry filling between three layers of chocolate sponge.

A soft textured & moist gluten free cake containing lemon and coconut, topped with vanilla butter cream icing.

A moist flourless cake with an indulgent chocolate topping.