Florentines Patisserie Categories

Florentines cheesecakes are made in the traditional way using our own anglaise scratch recipe.

These delicate and refreshing sweet pastry products are filled with the best natural ingredients available.

The same delicious recipes, just in individual portions!

These premium cakes are made with the finest ingredients and present themselves with distinction.

Delicious gluten free products made with only the finest ingredients.

Tasty treats in single portions - convenient and guilt free!

Moist cupcakes, full of flavour and delicious toppings.

Delicious hot puddings, and mouse and cheesecake tubs.

30cm x 20cm catering trays that have been precut for your convenience.

30cm x 40cm catering trays that have been left uncut for your convenience.

Satisfy your savoury cravings with our delicious quiches.