Cake Cuttings cut even portions we recommend using a long sharp serrated knife.

The knife should be kept in a container of hot water while in use. Dip the knife in the water and
wipe dry before every cut. Cut the cake in half and then into quarters. Cut quarters into
desired portions eg. 8,12 or 16 slices per Gateau.

Products can be cut while frozen and extra care should be taken to avoid damage.

Products that have crumb or pastry sides should be cut by starting from the outside edge and
then moving towards the centre. This helps to prevent the crumb or pastry edge from breaking.

Why Frozen?

Florentines cakes and desserts are delivered to you frozen.

This is the most successful way to ensure that the quality of our premium range of products
remains consistent.


Defrosting times vary for each product depending on their density. Cakes and gateaux are best left overnight in a refrigerator to defrost. Sliced products are best thawed just before use.
To avoid wastage, products can be cut while frozen. The portion not used must be returned to the
freezer immediately. After defrosting it is recommended that products are stored in the safest and
best conditions normally used for fresh products.